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Thread: restore RMAN

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    Unanswered: restore RMAN

    I have a bank in a machine whose name of the bank is “oraprd” and make one there backup with rman using the following command:
    run {
    allocate channel disk1 type disk format '/mnt/backup/teste/%U';
    backup filesperset = 5 as BACKUPSET database include current controlfile; backup filesperset = 5 as BACKUPSET archivelog all not backed up delete all input;
    release channel disk1;
    allocate channel for maintenance type disk;
    delete noprompt obsolete device type disk;
    release channel;
    Now what I want is the following one: in another machine I want to restore this backup. The name of the new bank could be “orateste”.
    How I make?

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    You could start by reading the instructions in the fine RMAN User Guide.

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