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    Question Unanswered: Stop at "About to enable all constraints....."

    Hi friends,

    Recently, I had tried to restore two db backup in a database server which located in my work place.

    When I restoring the first db backup, it stopped at "About to enable all the constraints....." I got frustrated as it taken too long like more than an hour, therefore i hv to quit the cmd which is performing the restoring process.

    In my second db trial of restoring process, i found that its not even come to the part where "About to enable all the constraints....". I waited like an hour and then as usual i hv to quit the process.But when i checked the both db has successfully restored the tables, sp and triggers.

    Can someone help me on this matter.coz i don't understand whether issit ok if im leave it or do i need to restore again in a proper way.I tried few times to restore those both db back still the same.But they both can be succefully restored in my own machine with no problem.
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