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    Hi good people,

    Am having pressing issues with my database. While processing end of day tasks one particular task appears to be taking to long to process..Curently it’s taking 2Hrs:45Min.....I have done full maintenance on all the database objects been referred by the task...This includes dropping and recreating the index, reorg-rebuild, update statistics and recompiling. But the situation has not improved....

    All these object have also been appended to a data cache....I have been advised to redistribute the objects in different data caches to reduce contention......will this have a significant effect?...

    Kindly assist because I will be implementing this solution in the next 8Hrs and I need a second opinion on the proposed solution...thanks

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    Splitting the cache may help - but I would start by looking at the query plans to see if there isn't a problem with one of the indexes (or lack of an index).

    Otherwise - you can create named caches and bind objects to these caches as needed - see the sp_cacheconfig stored procedure documentation.


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    Thumbs up Splitting Cache Allotment

    Thanks for the confirmation Michael, the task accually dropped to 50Min...Many thanks


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