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    Hi All,

    I have a couple of strings that look like this:

    Test-Table Data Process: Test sample data - Every Sunday @ 10:30pm
    Test Maintenance Process: Delete sample from key tables (without resetting identity values) - Every Saturday @ 10:50pm
    Test-Table Data Process: Moving responsible parties - Daily @ 10:45pm

    I am trying to extract the words that are between the colon and the second occurence of the dash in the first and third strings,
    and to extract the words that are between the colon and the dash in the second string.

    I am having a hard time with it. Can anyone please help?

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    1. get the charindex of the colon ... that value + 1 is the start of the string
    2. get the charindex of the dash beginning from the value derived in step 1
    3 capture the string beginning at the value in step 1 for the length of the value in step 2 less 1 position.

    Of course this assumes that all char/varchar strings will have both ... you will need to code for the exception.

    Refer to BOL for parameters of CHARINDEX.

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    How about

    SELECT SUBSTRING(MyString, CHARINDEX(":", MyString) + 1, CHARINDEX("-", MyString, CHARINDEX(":", MyString) + 1) - CHARINDEX(":", MyString) - 1)
    This assumes the same basic format of your text strings...and my example code will leave you with a leading and trailing space, but you can get rid of those by changing the code to:
    SELECT SUBSTRING(MyString, CHARINDEX(': ', MyString) + 2, CHARINDEX(' -', MyString, CHARINDEX(': ', MyString) + 2) - CHARINDEX(':', MyString) - 2)
    Again, remember that this assumes that all your source strings are formatted as you suggest.
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    It looks great. Thank you very much.

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