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    Unanswered: db2FM

    OS: AIX , UDB 8.2(FP7).

    All i am trying to stop the fault monitor using the following command but i am getting an error immediately.

    ./db2fm -d
    ./db2fm return non-zero rc, please see log file '/udb/data/cwqdb/home/sqllib/db2dump/db2diag.log'

    The Diaglog has the following error.

    2007-05-30- I828179C289 LEVEL: Error
    PID : 13186 TID : 1
    FUNCTION: DB2 Common, Generic Control Facility, gcf_cleanup, probe:150
    MESSAGE : ECF=0x900002C2 DB2 cleanup service failed
    DATA #1 : String, 36 bytes
    'cwqdb', 0 : could not be cleaned.

    Any idea what it is referrign too.

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    Try with the -D option; another way to permanently kill this is to comment out the corresponding line in /etc/inittab( so that it does not respawn) and kill the process running db2fm

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