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    Unanswered: MSSQL/Server setup/running issue/question...

    i have a client with a windows 2003 server with 4 processors & 32 GB RAM, then MSSQL 2000 SP3. our software seems to run fine on it until the Task Manager shows the MSSQL using 1.7GB of RAM. At this point the whole system seems to slow down to a snails pace. Any ideas as to why 1.7GB and it never goes over that amount no matter how much activity i run on it. Restart mssql and everything seems to run good up until we see the 1.7GB again.

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    Quite simple: The server is installed with 32-bit edition of the OS and SQL Server 2000. You can increase the memory usage of SQL server to approx 2.7GB by using the /3GB switch in boot.ini, or use AWE to use memory above 4GB, but I won't recommend it since it works more or less like himem.sys and emm386 in the old days. What you should do is really reinstall the server, using 64-bit edition of both the OS and SQL Server software. Unless there is some piece of software or hardware which is not supported in the 64-bit edition.
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