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    Groups and permissions

    I am in the process of creating a database to hold information about an organisation and it's people who volunteer for it.

    While I have nearly completed that aspect of the database, I am trying to resolve the issues of
    1. Allowing the volunteers to amend there own records with out logging in (wikipedia).
    2. creating a number of groups to assign different permissions (delete, add, report)

    I am not sure what tables structure would be needed to allow myself to achieve this.

    I have a table (people) which holds information about the volunteers, I could modify this with a password field to cater for security.

    I would need to create a group table but am not sure what columns to include to allow me to allow deny access to different areas of the system.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.


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    I'm working on the same issue actually. Have you find a solution? If not, it will be pleasure to discuss with you about that. The only different thing I need is a way for Group to have a membership in other group.

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    If I understand your problem correctly...
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