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    Unanswered: ActiveX component can't create an object

    Good day!

    I encounter this error "ActiveX component can't create an object" whenever I run the report from my Visual Basic program.

    The programming tools I used:
    FrontEnd: Visual Basic 6
    BackEnd: MS SQL Server 2000
    Reports: Crystal Reports 9

    I have a report where it needs to get data from a different data source w/c is Pervasive SQL. What I did...I import data from Pervasive SQL to MS SQL Server using a DTS Package. Then I call the report, the report will now be getting data from MS SQL Server.

    My problem is...everytime I run the report, this error occurs. But what puzzled me is that it only occurs on some computers.

    What could be the cause and solution of the error?

    Please help.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Everytime I run the report, the DTS Package will be executed first.

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    But what puzzled me is that it only occurs on some computers
    This is a sign that you need support files installed on the target computer.

    If you distributed the app by copying an exe to the target computers, you are experiencing why that isn't a good idea. Instead, BUILD A SETUP PACKAGE!

    Generally, the package & Deployment wizard does an acceptable job. A better solution is visual studio installer (VSI)
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