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    Unanswered: Who is using TEMP space

    I have 10 temp dbspaces deffined in my production instance. Normally they run at approx 65 - 70 % free space. For the last couple of days some of the temspaces go as low as 18% free. How can I obtain the list of sessions tha are utilizing the temp spaces by tmpdbspace?

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    SELECT t.tabname
    ,DECODE(d.is_logging,1,"Y","N") AS db_with_log
    , AS dbspace
    ,DBINFO("UTC_TO_DATETIME",ti_created) AS created
    ,DECODE(hex(mod(ti_flags,256)/16),"0x00000006","Y","N") AS table_using_log
    ,DECODE(hex(mod(ti_flags,256)/16),6,"Y","N") AS table_using_log
    ,ti_npused AS num_usedpages
    ,ti_nptotal AS num_pages
    ,hex(ti_partnum) as partnum
    FROM sysmaster:systabnames t, sysmaster:systabinfo i,
    sysmaster:sysdbspaces s, sysmaster:sysdatabases d
    WHERE t.partnum=ti_partnum
    AND s.dbsnum=TRUNC(t.partnum/1048576)
    AND hex(mod(ti_flags,256)/16) IN ( 6,2 )
    order by owner
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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    Smile Thank you CEINMA

    I will try using that statement

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