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    Unanswered: How to highlight pdf files from Oracle Text


    I started using Oracle Text to index pdf files (stored in the operating system).

    It works fine. I'm able to execute the procedures filter, highlight and markup in the ctx_doc package and store information on these files in the database.
    I can store the content of the file in plaintext or html with highlighted words.
    I have offset information of the words. Offset is the position of the word from the beginning of the text.

    I want to open the pdf files with Adobe Reader and highlight the words I have searched and stored in the Oracle Text structures.
    I've found a document of Adobe showing how to highlight words, but offset has to be in the following format: page, position in the page and length.

    Has anybody done this before?


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    Hi, I've found a simple solution: PDF Open Parameters.

    Ex: Type in something like


    in the browser's url and the file will be open with every word "oracle" highlighted and indexed on the right side of the screen, allowing you to navigate to any occurence of that word quickly.

    After the file name use # followed by a parameter.


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