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    Unanswered: create sql database from txt file via visual basic (6.0)

    Admit have a txt file similar:

    filed1 filed2
    aaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    cccccccccccc dddddddddddddd
    yyyyyyyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    How to create VIA VISUAL BASIC (ADO or DAO) a new SQL Server databse?

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    Use SQL DMO object to create Databases... I was doing long time ago with VB, Now I am not working on VB.. Now I am a DBA.

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    if you ever make the move to, you should use SMO, not DMO.

    DMO is deprecated with 2005.

    Another option would be to design your tables to hold your data on paper, write out the DDL in QA, then just import the data using bcp.exe

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