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    Unanswered: IBM SQL Replication - Apply not working

    We use IBM SQL Replication.

    Original setup:

    Capture on z/OS DB2 version 8 CM

    Apply program version 8 on AIX DB2(v8.2)

    Replication was working good till the time we had our Apply process running on our AIX box (apply program version 8).

    There was a change to have our Apply process run on LINUX partition on z/OS. Initiallly everything looked OK, we didn't notice any issues.

    The Apply program version on LINUX is 9.1.0

    It looks now, that apply is not working.

    Capture program is capturing the source data changes to the CD tables.

    Apply process is not reading from the CD tables and is not doing anything.

    The APPLY_TRAIL table doesn't have any information (no records about any error/ warning or such).

    We turned on the traceflow and noticed the following:

    trace file name is /dtprop/SET1/SET1.TRC
    Apply program compiled at 15:02:47 on Jul 11 2006 (Level 80125l_FP13)
    Apply qualifier is SET1.
    Control srvr name is DTPROP.
    Error Wait is 60 seconds
    Issue Sleep msg.
    Invoke ASNLOAD.
    Invoke ASNDONE.
    LOGREUSE is in use
    LOGSTDOUT is in use
    NOTRLREUSE is in use
    SQLERRCONTINUE is not in use
    PWD file is asnpwd.aut
    APP_PATH is /dtprop/SET1/
    Instance name is dtprop.
    CIMPC: Userid is DTPROP
    CIMPC: cntl server is 8
    The NLS msg is ASN1045I APPLY "SET1" : "Initial" : The Apply version "9.1.0" program was started using database "DTPROP".
    ApplyWorker: mbrStates = 0
    --- Process next subscription (1) ---
    CPGCST: Control server timestamp is 2007-06-01-
    R1NES: No eligible named event subscription at this moment
    R1RTS: No eligible relative timer driven subscription at this moment
    TTOS: SLPDAY is 0; SLPHOUR is 0, SLPMIN is 0, SLPSEC is 0, SLPMSEC is 0
    TTOS3: SLEEP_TIME = 300
    TTOS: delay_seconds = 300
    Delay_seconds = 300 seconds
    REST: Sleep time = 300 seconds.
    The NLS msg is ASN1044I APPLY "SET1" : "WorkerThread". The Apply program will become inactive for "5" minutes and "0" se
    SLP: Sleep for 300 seconds.
    ApplyWorker: mbrStates = 0

    In the APPLY_TRACE table we see the following records for every 5 minutes:

    ASN1044I APPLY "SET1" : "WorkerThread". The Apply program will become inactive for "5" minutes and "0" seconds.

    All of the subscription set(s) status is 'S'.

    Can anyone inform why apply is not working and provide any resolution?

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    check ibmsnap_subs_set and see if set is active
    which column is this
    All of the subscription set(s) status is 'S'.
    status should be 0
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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    When the setup was migrated to the LINUX box, the apply control server name and alias name were not matching to the values we had established in the AIX box.

    After effecting the changes, replication started to work.

    I changed all the set member status from 'S' to 'N' to perform a full refresh of the source data. Some of the members have changed to 'L' and some are still in 'N'.

    Looking in to the .trc file and fixing the issues.

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