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    Unanswered: Oracle to Foxpro Query


    i m using this query in Oracle

    select * from xyz where rowid in(select max(rowid) from xyz group by party)

    i want to use this query in Visual Foxpro. but ROWID is not working in VFP.

    please give me alternate to rowid to use in VFP

    Thanks in Advance
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    ROWID is unique, right? Is there any column in the 'xyz' table which is unique? Primary key column, for example? If so, use it! If not, create one (I'd use a sequence to do that in Oracle - I don't know what to do in Visual Foxpro). Finally, when you have that unique column, rewrite this query as
    SELECT * FROM xyz
    WHERE unique_column IN (SELECT MAX(unique_column) FROM xyz
                            GROUP BY party);

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    Good Idea Bro Thanks

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