I don´t know if here's the right place to put this question but here it goes anyway.
I have an excel file that got corrupted while saving and I lost data, but I managed to restore from the HD a temp file. The file I lost is named abril.xls and I retrieved this file ABRIL.XLS~RF2a9185.TMP. I tried to rename it to a xls extension or using the open with command but the file isn't readable. The original file was password protected so I don't know if there's some kind of encryptment going on. Anyway when I try to open the file I get a box called dynamic data exange and asks me to select data source giving me the following options: PROGMAN|PROGMAN; Shell|AppProperties; Folders|Appproperties.
Regardless of the option I select I just get a bunch of unreadble crap.
Any help on this would be widely apreciated