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    Unanswered: Not able to login into hibernation mode


    I am trying to login into hibernation mode, at many times the replication server goes into Hang state. At last I have to kill the isql prompt. Now if again I try to login as hibernation mode, the same problem occurs. When I shutdown all my servers (ASE and Rep server) and restart them and try to login into hibernation mode, I am able to login into the hibernation mode.

    ASE Server version string:

    “Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.0/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.6/1576/32bit/FBO/Thu Nov 4 03:51:52 1999”

    REP SERVER version string:

    “Replication Server/12.0/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.6/1/OPT/Fri Dec 10 19:07:38 PST 1999”

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    do you get any messages in the error log. Why do you keep your RS in hibernation mode. repserver has got a mind of its own and sometimes can behave funny. does it happen all the time or just a one-off.

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