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    Unanswered: Aggregate expression error in query

    Hullo, I'm trying to add a field to an already-working query, just to show the human-readable route name (the wonderfully chosen Route.Route, how fun it is to inherit a database). Here's the expression I'm working on:

    SELECT Sum(Customers.PaperBagsFrequency)*Forms!frmOrderTotals!Weeks AS [Paper bags], Sum(Customers.CanPlasticBagsFrequency)*Forms!frmOrderTotals!Weeks AS [Can bags], Sum(Customers.CardBagsFrequency)*Forms!frmOrderTotals!Weeks AS [Card bags], Route.Route AS [Route name]
    FROM Route INNER JOIN Customers ON Route.[Route ID] = Customers.Route
    WHERE (((Customers.Route)=[Forms]![frmOrderTotals]![Route]));
    When I run it I get the following error:

    You tried to execute a query that does
    not include the specified expression 'Route name' as part of an aggregate function.
    I've spent some time searching forums and found that I should include the Route.Route field in a GROUP BY clause, which I've tried. I've added "GROUP BY [Route name]" and I've tried inserting a meaningless clause to the WHERE part - "AND [Route name] LIKE '%'". I still get the same error.

    Can anybody help? I just need a query that will include the route name alongside the calculated figures for a report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomchance
    I've added "GROUP BY [Route name]"
    GROUP BY Route.Route
    Have a go through this - it will only take about an hour:
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    *Slaps forehead*


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