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    Unanswered: memory_limit parameter of rep server exceeding the max limit.

    While i was doin some operations on the ASE server, suddenly after some time, i observerd that REP server got exited. On analyzing the rep logs, I encountered following msgs :
    "Fatal Error #7035 DSI - WS1SYB dsiched.c(2912). Additional allocation would exceed memory_lmit of '20 MB' specification. Exiting due to fatal error,
    Error # 027 dVERSION seful/cm.c open client Lib.

    So, then i increased the size of the memory limit parameter to 50 MB. Then I was able to continue.

    But i have a query that When I increase the size of memory_limit parameter,
    Which memory space it uses, Is it main memory of the system or the Secondary memory (DISK SPACE) of the system ?

    Also, How do we know how much should be the value for the memory_limit parameter for a particular replication server configuration ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The memory allocated using memory_limit is taken from memory (RAM). If this RS handles many databases its better to increase it from the default (20) value, or the transaction volumne is high, then, better to increase it to a higher value.


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