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    Unanswered: Generate Line Chart showing daily values in Report

    Hello All,

    I am new to access and trying to figure things out as I go. The forum has been really helpful in resolving some other issues that I've run into. Here is the problem I am having now:

    I am trying to generate a line graph in my report that shows the daily values for 3 fields (Pump1Volume, Pump2Volume, TotalPumpVolume) over a month period per Lift Station.

    The report shows each daily entry by Lift Station per month with a monthy total at the end of each monthly lift station section (report.doc). I would like to place a Line Graph under the Monthly Total showing the above mentioned items.

    I can't figure out how to use the Chart Wizard to even come close to displaying this information.

    I thank you for any suggestions you can provide,


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    Hi Daniel,
    After Chart Wizard finished its work you can get your data in Report design view. Right click on the chart: Properties/Data/Row Source and then click in the end of the row. So then you can see SQL statement: Query Builder and there you can select the desired queries, tables and fields.

    Is this information helpful?

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