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    Unanswered: Oracle Partitions


    I have a very basic question on Oracle partitioning.
    Can the partitions be created while we are gathering (insert/update) the data. My data in column that determines the partitioning is based on the incoming value, for egs: a number that could range from 1-1000.

    Related to the above is there any max limit or optimal value for the number of partitions that can be created on a particular table ?

    I am using oracle 10g.


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    Provided Answers: 1 contains the whole Oracle Doc. set, but you already knew that from read the STICK Post at the top of this forum. Right?
    Above contains answers to many questions regarding partitions.
    However I doubt that partitions work the way you hope they do; but since I'm not sure what type of partition (range, hash, etc.) you need I could be mistaken.

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