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    Unanswered: Delete Query Using Join

    I need to delete records from one table base on criteria from another table. The example below from the Northwind database shows exactly what I want to do. I want to delete the records from the employee table who a terrorityID of 30346 in the EmployeeTerritories table.

    Can someone tell me how to write a delete statement that will delete the rows returned from the following SQL Statement? The sql statement will return one employee name. I would lke to delete that one employee from the employee table and I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

    ////////// Sql Statment
    SELECT dbo.EmployeeTerritories.EmployeeID, dbo.EmployeeTerritories.TerritoryID
    FROM dbo.EmployeeTerritories INNER JOIN
    dbo.Employees ON dbo.EmployeeTerritories.EmployeeID = dbo.Employees.EmployeeID
    WHERE (dbo.EmployeeTerritories.TerritoryID = N'30346')
    ////////// end of sql statement


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    Remove the select clause and replace with a delete clause. Your delete clause needs to include the name of the table you want to delete from.

    Assuming of course you want to use the T-SQL extension rather than SQL standard syntax:
    As ever, BoL is the best starting point
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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    DELETE dbo.EmployeeTerritories
    FROM dbo.EmployeeTerritories
    JOIN dbo.Employees
    ON dbo.EmployeeTerritories.EmployeeID = dbo.Employees.EmployeeID
    WHERE (dbo.EmployeeTerritories.TerritoryID = N'30346')


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    Thanks, Dave's answer works!

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