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    Unanswered: Export MS Access Pivotchart

    Hi everyone,
    I have MS Access queries and forms tied to those queries. The forms
    are set to be viewable only as PivotCharts. I cannot figure out how to get these pivotcharts out of MS access
    while maintaining the pivotchart formatting - other than taking
    screenshots one at a time and pasting into word or similar!
    I know access fairly well. I don't know VBA at all. I found the
    "answer" to this problem here:,
    but it doesn't work
    Help me pls

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    What exactly did you do with the answer you found on the Microsoft site?

    I looked through it really quickly and they tell you step-by-step what to do.

    Exporting the pivot chart to MS Excel:

    Me.PivotTable.Export "Your File Name Here", plExportActionOpenInExcel
    Export the pivot chart as Image:

    Me.PivotTable.ExportPicture "C:\yourdirectory\filename.gif", , 1024, 1024
    where 1024x1024 is the size of the image.

    if you upload your db and tell use what chart you're trying to export and the file type you're trying to export to, maybe we can help a little more.

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    That is my database, appreciate your help, really

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