Hi All,

I have a question regarding DB2 UDB for Windows x64. We have a test server which has 18 databases (yes 18!!) and running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, DB2 UDB v8.2 FP 7a. This server has some serious memory problems, so we are planning to build another test server. Because of the problem with the limitation of 2 GB of memory DB2 can have on Windows 32-bit, we are planning to build a 64-bit Windows server this time and planning to move extensivly used databases to this new box.


1. Will I have problems if one test database server is 32 bit and the other is 64 bit?
2. I haven't used the DB2 UDB for Windows 64 bit. How is it? does it have any known flaws or problems?

Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!