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    Unanswered: Report with same fields, different data?

    I'm not really good with reports. But I have a form where it lists reminders (things that are over 7 days old) within the database. This query is done after the user logs into the db. When the 'Reminder Form', frmReminders, is displayed, it has basic information (Task_ID, Task_Description, Status, Date_Originated, Days_Old) and lists multiple tasks there that fit the criteria.

    What I'm trying to do is have two command buttons.
    1. User can print a report with all the information above (a summary) of ALL the overdue tasks.
    2. User can use the 'ctrl' plus mouse click to highlight multiple individual records and then print them out with ALL the details of each record using another command button on a report that I've already created.

    ***MY QUESTION***

    How can I make the report (summary report), display the same field, multiple times while it fulfills the selection of selecting ALL of the tasks displayed in the listbox on the form, frmReminders?

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    either the question is too simple or the problem is too complex!

    you have total control over reports (BTW one of big-A's really good features) - you probably have to develop the question a touch to get a meaningful reply.

    with no more info than your post (given i don't use the report wizbangs), i can only suggest a peek at properties/hideduplicates

    currently using SS 2008R2

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