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    Unanswered: Count rows with text

    Can someone help get my head out of my @#@?

    I have a column of names


    And I want to simply count the rows that contain names (text) and place the sum in another cell.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello - long time no see I'm afraid I mostly wanted to just say hello but this is supposed to be a technical forum so .... have you looked up COUNTIF() in help? I think that does want you want.
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    It's been awhile. I have new job that's,C++ and fortran ( so there's not much time to play with Access/Excel anymore. I found a function CountA that does what I want as long as my list is the onlu thing in the column.

    I just do =COUNTA(A:A) and it sums up all the cells with text. Of course subtract one it I include a header.

    I'll look at countif tomorrow to see if it is a better choice.

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