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    Unanswered: To create nonclustered index or its equivalent in oracle


    Actually i able to create a nonclustered index in SQL Server 2005, but unable to create nonclustered index in oracle, does any one know how to create nonclustered index or its equivalent in oracle.

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    first I had to find SQL Server Data Structure article about index types in SQL server (as I do not know it at all). Based on this:

    - non-clustered index corresponds (in the storage point of view) to normal Oracle b-tree index creatable by CREATE INDEX statement

    - clustered index corresponds (again only regarding its storage) to INDEX ORGANIZED TABLE (as mentioned in the upper article)

    where did you find basis for your claim (which is in contradiction with mine)?

    however I would not blindly map Oracle indexes to SQL Server ones using this 'conversion method', read on AskTom migrate sql server clustered index (and the following posts).

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