Hello guys.

Here is my issue. We have 2 clustered sql servers SQL8 and SQL9 we moved domains a few months ago and a week ago we had a problem and lost SQL8 in are cluster. we have rebuild the server SQL8 and had it back to the cluster. On SQL9 we have done the maintain virtual server steps we do see SQL8 we have haded it but when it runs the install for SQL8 it errors out on someting like permissions about the group not having suffisent right..but we have veryfied and all these group are admin on all clusters...the registry keys keeps track of the old Domain and thats probably Y it looks at a old domain and says well you don have the correct rights.
This is where iam confused ...How do i had the SQL8 back without haviong to rebuild SQL9 ? and how do you go about when you actually move domains for SQL any help here would be greatly apreciated.