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    Are all managers are technically morons?

    Hi everybody,
    I am here after a long gap.I was struggling to get some time in my hectic schedule (in a big Company ).you know BIG....I agree with all of them...God help me.
    Well,I found a basic fact in these months,is it a general notion or a misconception? Most of the managers are found to be technically stupid.They talk about lots of things without knowing them.I get amused by their stupid technical knowledge and they say it with confidence and show off everybody that they are doing an excellent job.
    I look forward to hear about this from you guys....

    Thank you !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudra
    Are all managers are technically morons?
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    no more so than technical weenies, who in my opinion always exhibit a total lack of understanding of concepts like deadlines and profit | @rudydotca
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    Yes, only when they aren't

    I betcha you're experiencing people who don't listen

    Not to stero-type....but I bet you have a lot of arrogant managers

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    A lot of (but not all) managers are lacking in the intelligence and skills departments. The reason for this is that when the tasks are being handed out for a project, the skilled and intelligent people are given actual work to do. You want your best pitchers, fielders, catchers, and basemen out on the field where they can have the largest impact on the team. The others...well you can be "Assistant Team Manager"! Now, run along and wash the uniforms while the rest of us practice.
    Then, when a management position opens up, who has "management experience"? And is the team owner going to take his star player off the field to manage the team?
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    Welcome back, Rudra. As for Managers, they do seem to be off the "bleeding edge" of technology, but do they need to be? If they are trying to micro-manage you, and tell you how things are to be coded/configured/created, then they become something new. An annoyance.
    Ideally, a manager should be a buffer between you and the rest of the world. Keeping users out, and letting resources (disk, servers, cash, etc.) in. All the "dirty work" should be left for you to deal with.

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