Hi, I have a simple Matlab problem I can't figure out
(I'm an absolute beginner to Matlab, I'm studying for
Medical School Admissions Test and I'm trying to devise
a system for expedited verbal training). The basic idea
is that I have a list of words that I feed to Matlab and
I need it to spit out randomly words from this list (when
I hit return button for example, or periodically, say every
10 seconds). I also have a second list that has explanations
of each of the words from the first list. I want Matlab to
randomly select a word from list 1, then 10 seconds later
(or when I hit return) display the apropriate explanation
from list 2. I made the two lists and was able to load them
both into Matlab as two separate data arrays. I also figured
out how to make it pull a word if I specify

>> a = words(1)

a =


I think this should be a pretty simple script, but as a
complete beginner I can't figure out how to do this...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!!!