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    Unanswered: Training in VBA


    I am planning to take VBA classes for redesigning couple of databases. I have basic knowledge in VBA. But I am looking for Advanced VBA coaching. Can anyone suggest me some good VBA trainers around Chicago area.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For myself, I used Executrain for SQL Server administration training and they were excellent (Chicago/Milwaukee). I sent one of my developers to MSAccess training through them and it was ok. I believe they are Microsoft certified and sponsored. I also sent another one through New Horizon (Madison I believe) and it was ok also.

    I think the problem is though that there just aren't a lot of good MSAccess instructor's out there. I have yet to find a really good advanced MSAccess class taught by an instructor where my developers aren't teaching the instructor (must be all that good ol' on-the-job training.)

    Sybex books by Getz-Litwin-Gilbert are worth their weight in gold though!! (Access Developer's Handbook Volume 1 and 2)
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