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    Unanswered: Calculating Row size in bytes

    Hey I have lost the formula that I had at one time to help me see how many bytes are in a row and the formula that helped me see how many rows in a page I am getting. Can anyone refresh my mem?

    PS after they changed the search function on this site i cant find ANYTHING, any hints on that as well?
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    Assuming that you runstats are current:

    select t.tabschema,t.tabname,t.card/t.npages as rows_per_page, (t.card/t.npages)/ts.pagesize as avg_row_length from syscat.tables as t inner join syscat.tablespaces as ts on (t.tbspaceid = ts.tbspaceid)

    This is a simple method. It does not take into account the "overhead" on each page, etc.


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