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    Unanswered: loading partitions

    I have a huge table X with about 97mil records for now and will keep growing everyday. According to the user requirements, they want me refresh the complete data everyday as the changes can go back to any year and they are not sure about it.

    Table X is partitioned based on year and subpartitioned on month. I have partitions from 2003 and the data go back to 1989.

    As of now its taking time to drop indexes, 6-7 hours for loading the complete data and 3-4 hours to create the indexes(10 of them) and 8-9 hours for refreshing the Mviews(15 mv's).

    I tried to run the ETL without dropping the indexes but it didnt come back after 8-9 hours and so I had to kill the process.

    I need to know if I can truncate the partitions and load the individual partitions in parallel. Is this possible and how can I do it and will the load be any faster? Can anyone please suggest me something on this.

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    What evidence do you have that it can be made to run faster? (Other than just wishful thinking?)

    Which system subcomponent is the bottleneck (CPU, RAM, I/O)?
    Until you know where/why the slowdown occurs, you merely guessing & hoping to get lucky.

    I wish you the best while you continue to shoot in the dark.

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    I truncated data from partition year_2004 and want to load data only for that partition. How can I do this? Is it using exchange partition? I'm a little confused, can someone please help me.

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