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    Unanswered: Combo Box Text Alignment

    For a long time in my database, i have had heaps of combo boxes with the values in the drop down list being left aligned, but the actual combo box on the form (with the selected value) would always be centre. But all of a sudden, everything has gone to centre. I was fiddling with some combo boxes and set there Scroll Bar Select to Left, because i hid the text and only showed the drop down arrow. Anyone know why this has happened?

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    Comboboxes have a text align property which by default is set to "General" (the text aligns to the left; numbers and dates align to the right). You may wish to see what this is set too.

    Alternatively there is a reading order property which you may want to play with too.
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    yer i had the text align set to center. this would center the combo box on the form, but when you pressed the arrow, all the choices would be left aligned. I also tried experimenting with the reading order property, as well as the orientation property of the form.

    the property making all my problems turned out to be the Scroll Bar Align, if i had this set to left or right (instead of system) on any combo box on any form then everything would change, but if i put it back, everything would go back to the way it worked. very strange.

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