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    Unanswered: Icon question

    This probably isn't technically and Access question but I'm posting it here because I'm using it on Access. If you all wanna remove it or just boo it off the stage, I understand.

    I have and Access app thingie I made. I was just playing around with it and trying to give it an icon. Now, I am aware of the icon field in the startup menu that gives me an icon within the app but I mean desktop icon. A person could create a shortcut and assign an icon except that when I email this, the icon goes away.

    I'm guessing you all have probably done this tons of times for your apps. How can I assign an icon that stays with the app?

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    As far as I am aware you can't.
    In the past I have simlpy used shortcuts and that was that.

    If however someone else knows a way then I'd be very interested in knowing the answer
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    I used shortcuts too but it seems that when I email them, the icons go away. They are stored on a shared drive that both I and the recipient have access to. I was a bit surprised. I might just be killing time on something frivolous but thought I'd see what came through here.

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