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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2000 performance

    Good day,

    Very recently my sql server started performing very poorly. Nothing has been installed or loaded on it to cause the poor response. What ever I do, from running a query to opening windows explorer response well, all very slow and very often query time out, ones that took a few second to run before.

    The CPU usage and memory usage do not indicate anything specific. Is there some way I can pin point specifically what database or query or job is causing the problem.

    Please can someone help me, this is VERY urgent, our production is suffering huge, and a reload is not an option as I can't get a backup of the databases as they also time out.


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    this could be a lot of things. have you determined wether these are connection timeouts or query time outs. have you reindexed the database in question? look at dbcc showcontig and dbcc dbreindex in books online.
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