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    Unanswered: Print 1 report to 2 different printers

    how can I print the same report to two different printers?
    one copy for cheking and the other is confirmation.

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    I don't think there is an easy way to print to 2 different printers programatically but you can however print the same thing twice to one printer - and that's easy...
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    one thing to bear in mind is that in the windows world printintg is supposed to be standardised, it isn't. its mch much netter than the old dumb printer dyas.

    so you need to take into account the capabilities of the "worst" printer. ie set margins to the largest printable area your 'worst' printer can support.

    mind you another technique is to generate the report as a Access Snapshot, or a PDF file. Depending on how far your compnany is on ISO 14001 PDF may be a smarter move, especially when reviewing information
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    Do you use Preview????

    Keep this in mind: when printing without preview, Access sends the report to the printer assigned during the design of the report or to the default printer ...

    About the only way to do this would be to try to change the default printer (by using the printer object) between printouts.

    A cheat: dup your report and have each print to the printer desired ...
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    Thanks to all, but the 2 printers are located in 2 different locations, Intially I used code to show the print dialog so I can select the printer evrey time I want to print the report.
    is there are a way to specify the printer name or IP by coding as in Oracle?

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    i know this was really hard to do in A97

    versions after exposed a printers unit i think that was supposed to make stuff like this easier, but i never use it. in theory its relatively easy to do now

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