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    Unanswered: Modules

    I have never done this before so thought I would ask.
    If I create a module whats the method to its structure and if I want to link to that module within code, how would that be done.

    Silly questions I know but never done it before and can't find any straqight forward info on the Help.

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    you have been building modules all the time - form-modules.
    other 'global' modules work exactly the same way.
    routines declared Private are callable only from inside the module
    routines declared Public are callable anywhere

    in addition, the module has the equivalent of
    'Public Dim': Global myPublicLongVar As Long
    'Public Const': Global Const gloCstMyLuckyNumber As Integer = 88
    ...these guys have a habit of vaporising whenever you bump into an unhandled runtime error

    and then you have Class Modules: horses of a completely different colour which i don't propose to discuss right now

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    thanks that explains a lot.

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