Hi there,

I was just thinking of a creative way of navigating through the relevant records through a relational database like Oracle or SQL Server and came up with an idea that i feel is worth pursuing at least for academic interests.

It's what i would call an hyperlinked query analyzer. The concept is nothing new but it's application to database systems will indeed be new.

For example, i have a huge database with interconnected records and each record doesnt let me connect to the related records in other tables. I can figure that out using the definition of the table or you may want to say using the "data model" but it simply is not intuitive to the end-user.

I want to create an interconnected system of tables that the end-user navigates through just like he would on the www.

I am developing a prototype of this concept and will post the product on this site in a few weeks, few months??? it needs to be done in my spare time...

Any comments or suggestions or outright rejections on the idea...???