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    Question Unanswered: Set custom Identity keys for master tables(auto-incrementing):

    I need some help for designing the IDs / Primary keys for some master tables in my database. Following are master tables. Client_Master, Buyer_Master & Seller_Master; I want to set Client_Id, Buyer_Id & Seller_Id as their respective primary keys and they should have following properties

    Client_Id :- a) should be auto-incrementing value, b) unique & c)should be of the format – CLXXXXXX, where “CL” {Constant start characters} & “X” {any number 0-9}
    Buyer_Id :- BYXXXXXX
    Seller_Id :- SLXXXXXX

    We are implementing the database in MS-SQL 2005 & MySQL

    Can anyone help me find a solution to this, especially in MS-SQL.

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    use an ordinary IDENTITY column and then define a computed column for the wacky prefix | @rudydotca
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    ... or don't bother storing the prefix in the table at all and just add it to the beginning of the ID when displaying the data. This would be a perfect candidate for a view.
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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