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    Hello + Normalization Question

    Hello all, I am Solidghost and a new member in your community. My question is regarding the normalization of this hard copy table that I was given. It is not homework nor work related, just some table I was handed in at work and I want to use in a personal database, and I am no DBA.

    The columns in csv are:

    CO#(My proposed PK), MODEL#, cQuantity, cO/L, cSHORT, cComments, hQuantity, hO/L, hSHORTm hOut, cOut, hComments

    where c is case and h is hardware. My idea is, and I may be wrong, make a table for case assembly and a table for hardware in a seperate table as well and have CO# and MOdel # as foreign keys in both table and case tables? Some suggestions into normalizing this table would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the community SolidGhost

    One suggestion - give the columns meaningful names. Drop the special characters "#" & "/".
    I suggest you post this question in the Database Design & Concepts topic that can be found on the main board. I also suggest that when you ask the question there you add more details and perhaps even some sample data.

    HTH -George
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    Thank you, I will do so.

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