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    Unanswered: ontape -c doesnt seem to work

    Hi All,

    I have Informix v10.00.UC6 installed on AIX v5.3 ML 5. When i try to backup the logical log using the command "ontape -c" I get the following message

    aix:/home/informix>ontape -c

    Performing continuous backup of logical logs.

    Please mount tape 1 on /dev/rmt0 and press Return to continue ...

    Tape is full ...

    Please label this tape as number 1 in the log tape sequence.

    This tape contains the following logical logs:
    40 (partial)

    Please mount tape 2 on /dev/rmt0 and press Return to continue ... ^C
    Interrupt received ...

    Logbackup failed - Log backup terminated prematurely.

    Program over.

    The setting on the onconfig file is as follows

    LTAPEDEV /dev/rmt0 # Log tape device path

    LTAPEBLK 32 # Log tape block size (Kbytes)

    LTAPESIZE 10240 # Max amount of data to put on log tape (Kbytes)

    I have tested the tape drive by running a tar command to copy a single file and that was successful. After this i erased the tape to make its a blank tape that use for this logical backup. However, the result seems to suggest otherwise.

    Any ideas on what might be the problem?

    Appreciate your time.


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    Try set LTAPESIZE to 0 .
    With this configuration IDS will be try use the fully tape..
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    Hi Ceinma,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this.

    Yes, as you have mentioned i can either set the LTAPESIZE to 0 or to the size of the tape thats getting loaded. This resolved the issue.

    Appreciate your help

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