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    Unanswered: Excel Hyperlinks

    Good Morning

    I have an issue with a report im currently creating.

    My brief is to create a suite of reports to be hosted on the company intranet and in order to cut down on mouse clicks im not to use any code so that they dont get the 'Enable Macros' warning. Anyway i have (painstakingly)set up hundreds of hyperlinks to different places within the file and they work absolutely fine.

    However last week my file became too big and i had to split some of the reports into another file and point my hyperlinks into this new document which was not a problem at the time until i realised that my file names will be datestamped daily for archived files when the report is produced. So my hyperlinks will only work for the original templates and when i change the file names i would effectively have to redo all of the hyperlinks again (i dont want to do that funnily enough). I then decided i would inevitably have to start adding some VBA into this process but my question is:

    How do i set these hyperlinks up on a daily basis as part of my process ? I would like to assign the cells a hyperlink rather than a followhyperlink macro if possible as this way i may still be able to keep the code from the main file and not upset the boss.

    I hope i have explained the problem sufficiently.



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    Can you tell me anything more about how your sheets are set up? I don't really understand what you're saying....
    You do not need a macro for hyperlink sources in the same file. To open other files with other sheets, you probably need to write 'ActiveSheet' commands. Are each one of your reports separate sheets?

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    You could also create lists in the same sheet with your different sets of data and split the screen or freeze your panes for easier viewing. Are these suggestions even close to answering your question?

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