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    Unanswered: Differerence acces path linked server Oracle 9/10

    We are experiencing huge performance issues with fetching data from a linked Oracle database after upgrading the receiving database to Oracle 10g.
    It looks as though all data is first fetched at the receiving end, cause temp spaces are floaded. The query ran with no problem between 2 Oracle 9i databases.
    Can anyone suggest a solution for enforcing the query at the backend.
    We're looking into using a specific hint to enforce this.
    So far , we expect that /*+driving_site*/ could be a solution, but we are not sure about its use.
    Anyone an idea?
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    in dwh is necessary this hint, i used often.
    check database settings as parameters, tablespaces size. and check your database version on metalink, if this is not known issue
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