I am using vb as front end and visual foxpro as back end for my
application. I am reading some data in excel and checking some fields with
my database and if match found i am updating the fields from excel to my
database. I am using find method for matching and after
the record get matched i try to update the fields from excel to db,
but it is throwing the error

"-2147418113 query cannot be updated because from clause is not a
single simple table name".

Here is my query

SQL = "select (Trim(N.RefNo) + Trim(N.AWBNo) + Trim(N.Name))
ComField, N.* from nmbpin N
nmbpin.Open SQL, mcnn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

SQL = Trim(xlsheet.Cells(Row, 3)) + Trim(xlsheet.Cells(Row, 2)) +
nmbpin.Find "ComField='" & SQL & "'"
If Not nmbpin.EOF Then
'updating the fields here
nmbpin.update // error occurs here

I am using single table without any joins.Can any one assist me whats
going wrong in my execution.