I'm trying to create a online parking permit application for our school. Basically the form is like this:

1.choose a permit tpye like individual or shared
2. enter student information: I list
3 student records for them to fill in, they may share, in this case, they will have to fill 2 or 3 records, or they may enter just one record for individual type. 3. below each student, I list 2 vehicle info for them to fill in, for a student may have 1 or 2 vehicles.
4, choose the payment method
5. submit.

I created 3 tables tblapplicant, tblPermit, tblvehicles. And I create an identity field for each table like ApplicantID, permitID, vehicleID. They are identity fields, incremented by 1. SO after the student entered the information on the form and submit, I pass the values and call a stored procedure. In the stored procedure I do something like this:

select @permitID=@@identity
Insert into tblApplicant..... values (@permitID, @student1name,@student1grade)
then select @StudentID =@@identity
insert into tblvehicle... values(@studentID, vehicle1Stu1Model, vehicle1Stu1Make...)
insert into tblvehicle...values(@studentID, vehicle2Stu1Model, vehicle2Stu1Make...)
insert into tblApplicant ..... values (@permitID, @student2name,@student2grade)
then select @StudentID =@@identity
insert into tblvehicle... values(@studentID, vehicle1Stu2Model, vehicle1Stu2Make...)
insert into tblvehicle...values(@studentID, vehicle2Stu2Model, vehicle2Stu2Make...)

Am I doing it correctly?

And Also since this is only a form that changed from PDF, I'm thinking will it be easier I can just create one table and put everything into it.

Like PermitId, student1 name, stu1Veh1Model, student2Name, stu2Veh2Model, permitType etc. Is it OK to do so?

I know these are not normalized table, but this data is only for the parking permit staff to use, and I can pull everything from the table.

Thank very much in advance.