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    Unanswered: bcp question

    i am trying to bcp some tables into excel files but i do not know the correct syntax to include the headers
    (headers = fields)

    my current syntax of my .bat file

    bcp dbname.dbo.table_name out where_i_put_it -Uuser_name -Ppassword -Sserver -c

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    more example:
    bcp table_name out name.dat -n -Ssybasetrans -Uusername -Ppasswd

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    You can't get headings with bcp
    I suggest you run your select in isql
    then output the results to a file and import into excel as fixed text
    Or better yet:
    from excel, click Data, Get External Data, New Database Query
    Choose your ODBC data source defined for your Sybase database
    Enter and run your query.

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