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    Unanswered: combo field not working

    I have a combo field that is popluated from a table. I can click the field and use the pull down, then select the item, but the field does not update. The status bar is showing that the form is in Edit mode and the record appears locked when you use the pull down. I can manually enter data fine.
    This worked under Paradox 9 SP3 running on Windows98SE.

    Moved to Windows XP and now all the combo fields are exhibiting this behaviour. I have tried upgrading to Paradox 9 SP4 and Paradox X3 but they all do the same thing.

    Has anyone seen this?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    combo field problem picked up in corel.paradox newsgroup

    Please show the code.

    if there is no code involved, you have to give a detailed description of how
    to recreate this. Can you recreate it in a new form?

    Bertil Isberg - CTECH
    Paradox buglist:
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    I have traked down the offending code and I can reproduce it. What do you

    This code syncs the form display to the client number returned by the libary

    The data model consists of a single table named Client.db. The fields are
    placed in a 1x1 MRO.

    Client number is the primary index. There is also a lastname-firstname
    secondary index.

    This is in the setfocus method of the form. A calling form opens (or moves
    to) the form after setting the Library variable.

    clientTC TCursor
    dmField, dmTbName String
    dyCriteria DynArray[] Number

    recvclnt = mealsLib.returnclnt()
    dmTbName = "Client.db"
    dmField = "CLIENT #"
    dyCriteria[dmField] = recvclnt
    dmAttach(clientTC, dmTbName)
    dmResync(dmTbName, clientTC)
    __________________________________________________ ________________Here is an alternative piece of code that does the same sync thing but with
    the same impact on the combo field:

    clnt#UIO UIObject
    clientTC TCursor

    recvclnt = mealsLib.returnclnt()"Client.db")
    clientTC.locate("Client #", recvclnt)
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    I have confimed this with a new form, only 2 field ojbects (client #, last name) and one combo object (diet).

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