i realize this isnt really an sql question but i am running out of time. 1st i know that ntwdblib.dll is not really the idea way to connect/access a database but i am stuck with it no matter what.
the problem is that i have a client with a quad processor server OS 2003 enterprise, 12GB ram, raid 5, MSSQL 2005. Our software runs ok on most sql setups that we run our software on. This site and a couple of others which have good servers runs very very slow. we have gotten down to the network and the packets. when we started monitoring it we noticed that the packets are "badly formed", "invalid header", "retransmitting". the network traffic when trying to run our software maxes out on the server. the switch for the network is a cisco smart switch 35 something.
any ideas as to how to fix the packets from bottlenecking up the network.
any and i mean any usefull info would be greatly appreciated.