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    Unanswered: Multiple data entry from one form

    I have a very simple database that keeps a track of line performance figures, i have attached a part of it as an example:

    In my lines table are 8 production lines

    in my log table i need to keep a track of the data,

    what i would like to happen:

    i need a form that when i open it all the production lines i have are displayed and next to each line are 2 data entry fields so i can enter a performance and an output figure for each line in one go, so in this instance i would like 8 lines and 2 entries per line.

    at the moment i have to do each line individually.

    i would also like this to grow should i add more lines

    how can i best sort this please.

    Help would be much appreciated

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    Try having your form open in datasheet view. The form's Record Source should include the line and two fields you want to input. In datasheet view, the entire recordset is exposed, and you can do your entries freehand.


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