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    Unanswered: db2imigr fails for db2 v9.1 migration

    I'm attemping to migrate a 8.2 instance to 9.1 fp2 on aix. db2chkmig appears to run successfully as both a stand alone process and part of
    db2imigr. All the conditions are true as described on ibm's page

    Below is are the contents of my logs: the instance is stopped and I'm
    running at root.

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Program name = db2idbm
    Instance home dir = /db2/db2sbx, Sysadm group = dbsbxadm
    Instance type = 1, Auth type = SERVER

    DB21015E The Command Line Processor backend process request queue or input
    queue was not created within the timeout period.
    Update DBM cfg SYSADM_GROUP errcode = 8
    DBI1281E The database manager configuration file could not be


    An error occurred when attempting to initialize the database
    manager configuration file. A DB2 instance could not be created
    or migrated.

    User Response:

    Refer to the log file for problem determination. Resolve the
    problem and try the command again. If the problem persists,
    please contact IBM Support.

    DBI1079I Output is saved in the log file /tmp/db2icrt.log.532486.


    All processed and failed operations have been saved into this log

    User Response:

    Do not modify this file in any way. This file is for IBM

    Instance Name = db2sbx
    Home dir = /db2/db2sbx
    Exit code = 0

    DBI1124E Instance db2sbx cannot be migrated.


    An attempt was made to migrate an instance. This instance cannot
    be migrated because:

    o The instance is still active.

    o Migration of this instance is not supported

    o This version of the "db2imigr" command cannot be used to
    migrate this instance.

    User Response:

    "db2imigr.log.1024196" [Read only] 53 lines, 1242 characters


    The specified instance was not found in the instance list.

    User Response:

    Verify that the list of instances as reported by the "db2ilist"
    command is correct. Retry the command with a valid instance

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    I had the same problem and there some known errors in this area.
    support center suggested me to edit db2imigr or another script that was called from db2imigr. find the update dbm cfg statement and force the rc to 0
    the instance was migrated and had to manually update the dbm cfg
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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