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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to recover sql server database data

    Hi all. A few days ago i installed mcafee total protection 2007 and that disabled my internet connection totally!! I couldn't fix it so i had to uninstall it. After uninstalling mcafee total protection 2007 still i couldn't join Internet!!

    So i got mad and went and made repair installation of windows xp pro. After repair installation i couldn't activate it since Internet connection was still not working!! So i went and installed another copy of xp pro on different folder and named it WINDOWS (old one was WINDOWS2).Thanks god now i could join Internet but all my shortcuts and menu items are not visible.

    Unfortunately I can't even start sql server 2000 either!! could any one tell me what should i do in order to get access to all database tables and data that i had in sql server and make a back up. I didn't install any new sql server yet. I be happy if an expert tell me what should i do. The installation folder of old windows(WINDOWS2) is still available along with sql server installation folder.Thank and looking forward for reply.

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    As this question is really more of a Windows / Microsoft SQL Server question than a true SQL language question, I'm going to move the thread to the Microsoft SQL Server forum so it will get more attention.


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    what I presume, when you install a new copy of Windows leaving behind the old copy will not copy all your applications onto new winodws software. You need to install all your applications and sql server as well because when you install the new copy of windows xp, this will create a new registry file which may not have your old windows application registry details...
    I hope this will you.

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